You’re in for a TREAT!

If you’ve logged into your leadpops Admin Panel recently, you already know the surprise.

You’ve noticed sweeping changes to the layout, and functionality of your Admin panel.

In this overhaul, we’ve taken your feedback and organized your panel to accommodate the many new features coming in 2021 and beyond.

You can read a complete list of new features and updates to your leadpops Admin Panel below:

What’s New:

Modern design with improved layout

New Promote section that helps you drive traffic to your funnels.

    • Share My Funnel page lets you create short links to your Funnels and publish them directly to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and email!
    • Your New Sticky Bar page enables you to create and edit Sticky bars for every one of your Funnels and preview what it’ll look like on any website.

New My Website tab that takes you directly to your leadpops ConversionPro Website

New Funnel Stats section that lives on the top right of the homepage.

    • See how all of your funnels are doing in one convenient location
    • Filter out unused funnels to clean up your data and paint a more accurate picture.


  • Hide and Show your Funnel Search and Funnel Stats options on the homepage.
  • Updated your Global Settings makes it easier to update multiple funnels at once.
  • Your Clone button is now front and center so you can duplicate your Funnels with ease.
  • Your Integrations section lets you integrate your leadpops account with several other softwares. 

If you think these new features and updates are great, you’re in for some great news…

This is just the beginning.

This massive overhaul of your leadpops Admin Panel paves the way for several revolutionary features you’ll have access to in the coming months.

You’ll notice several items in your Admin Panel are labeled “coming soon.” The groundwork is laid for your new features to start rolling in. 

Here’s a small glimpse of what you have to look forward to.

Coming Soon:

  • A Sticky Bar Dashboard to create and customize all your Sticky Bars with the ability to place a Sticky Bar on almost any website.
  • A comprehensive Funnel Builder so you can create your own funnels from scratch!
  • A Funnel Editor so you can tweak or add questions on existing funnels.
  • Advanced Footer Controls that introduce more content opportunities for your Funnels.
  • Enhanced Design Options for your Funnel Buttons, Headers, Footers, Progress Bars, Fonts, and Funnel Themes.
  • New “Settings” customizations, including: 
    • A/B Testing — create different variations of your Funnels using different question/answer and/or design elements to see which ones convert better
    • Favicon — upload your own Favicon to further personalize your Funnels
    • Partial Leads — turning this feature on will let you collect the information someone entered into a Funnel, even if they don’t complete the form!

Once again, this is just the tip of the iceberg when new features and updates are concerned. You can look forward to such as automated follow up campaigns, lead scoring, and much more!

Make sure to login into your new leadpops Admin Panel to see this huge update for yourself!

If you aren’t a client yet, you can sign up for a free trial right now!