Show up ​front-and-center on Google when your prospects are searching

If your business doesn’t show up first when your customers
Google “mortgage,” then you’re missing out on valuable leads.

But boosting your search ranking naturally through search engine optimization (SEO) is a costly, time-consuming practice that can
take years and thousands of dollars.

Stop hiding from your customers at the end of the search results.
Cut right to the front of the line (and in front of your competition)
with leadPops’ effective Google Ads Service.

I Want Leads From Google

With Google Ads, you’ll start ​targeting, attracting, and converting​ prospects as soon as they start searching for a mortgage.

Generate leads with leadPops Google Search Ads

Do people really find their mortgage providers on Google?

Mortgage Providers On Google

In a word: yep.

Think about it. What’s the first thing YOU do when you need to figure out new FHA guidelines or find a new dinner recipe?

Chances are, you type something into Google and hit Enter.

Just like you rely on Google for answers to questions large and small, your prospects are using it to search for more info on the ​biggest financial decision of their lives.

The beauty of Google Ads is that you’re showing up for people who are LOOKING for you.

When a homeowner or home buyer hits “enter” on Google, they’re investing time to find a solution to their problem.

And presto — you show up exactly when they need you.

In 2020, Google s​earch frequencies​ for “how to buy a home” &“refinancing” reached all-time highs!


Target Motivated Mortgage Searchers​ In Your Market

All of planet Earth uses Google — but with your leadPops Google Ads Service, you’ll only be going after specific
keywords that help you close loans.

You’ll target keywords that draw motivated leads from the ​6.9 billion daily searches on Google.

Your Google Ads will be the link connecting eager, interested potential buyers directly with you.

Google already knows that tons of people are searching for mortgage information.

Even Google​ r​ecognizes their website is on fire with people desperate to buy or refinance their dream home. That’s why they added an ​entire feature box aimed at people searching for hot mortgage keywords.

Their additional tools provide information about the “complex and overwhelming” mortgage process...

But ​you​ know the process isn’t as complicated as it sounds. ​Clients just need your help to understand it!

To reach and help those searchers, your business has to show up on the search results page for mortgage keywords.

So... do you want to show up when your clients search for you?

Mortgage Searchers​ In Your Market

Google Ads Produce​ Undeniably Effective Results

Simply put, nobody knows the mortgage industry better than we do. (Just look around: you’ll find so-called Google
Ad “masters” who scratch their heads and shrug when you mention jumbo or FHA loans).

Take a look at the results leadPops Google Ads have won for businesses like yours:

507 Clicks - 60 Leads Converted @ $50 per Lead in Virginia!

507 Clicks - 60 Leads Converted @ $50 per Lead in Virginia!

101 Clicks - 15 Leads Converted @ $132 per Lead in Utah!

101 Clicks - 15 Leads Converted @ $132 per Lead in Utah!

482 Clicks - Leads Converted for an average of @ $62 per Lead in Florida!

482 Clicks - 84 Leads Converted for an average of @ $62 per Lead in Florida!

“The leadPops team is excellent. One of the most Professional individuals I've worked with in years. Very detailed oriented and honest. They don't want their client spending dollars on ads that won't work. I highly recommend them.”
Prince Aurora Stars

How Will Your Google Ads Help You Compete With The Big Dogs?

Google Advertising helps compete with Zillow

We’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s tackle the bad news first:

Companies like Zillow, LendingTree, and Quicken Loans are all out for your business.

They’d rather box you out from your customers so they can get ALL the leads and sell them to hordes of your competitors online...

And they don’t bat an eye at spending millions to get to the top of Google, OR paying $20-30 dollars per click for their Google Ads.

They’ve made the mortgage industry landscape a violent battleground, and their goal is world domination.

With all their corporate red tape and regulations, you know these companies wouldn’t be able to spend a dime on Google unless it were helping them line their pockets with cash.

These “Big Dogs” in the industry have driven up the cost to enter the Google arena — and until now, smaller companies have paid the price.

But​ ​now you have leadPops Google Ads Service on your side.

We’ll identify your most profitable keywords, target your hyper-local market, and
finally get you a chance to win the business you deserve.

Yes, mortgage keywords cost more, but...

While advertising for mortgage keywords on Google is more expensive than other channels (like ​Facebook marketing​),
you’re creating ample opportunity to earn thousands of dollars for your business.

Mortgage keywords ​cost more​ because they’re ​worth more.

Leads from Google are higher-quality than leads from other channels, precisely because they’re searching for YOU.

You don’t have to convince them that now’s a good time to buy or refinance! They already know.​ And they’re eager to get started.

Your competitors have recognized how valuable Google is in terms of lead quality, but also in terms of commission​.

Closing a loan from just one lead​ ​will recoup all your investment and then some...

Can you imagine once you start closing 2, 3, 4 of those leads every month?

As a leadPops Google Ads Customer, ​you won’t have to imagine it.​ All you need to imagine is what you’re going to spend your extra cash on.

Mortgage advertising with Google Ads

“Why Can’t I Just​ Do It Myself?”

Give Me Google Ads

Fair warning: ​if you decide to jump into the deep end on your own, paying Google’s high cost-per-click fees could be a gut shot to your business.

Your competitors have spent billions collectively studying the psychology that gets people to click and convert into a lead.

Starting from scratch would take you years of research and investment with NO promise of return.

Let’s say you’re not busy at all (ha!), and you actually have the time to learn Google’s complicated targeting and advertisement platform...

If your ads are sending people to a cookie-cutter mortgage website that just has a picture of a house with a 1003 application, you might as well be ​shoveling your money into a furnace.

Even if you’re spending a fortune and getting more clicks than a stopwatch, it’s entirely possible that you won’t have ANY leads to show for it.

The ad, the landing page you’re sending your visitors to, and the lead form they need to fill out all have to be laser-focused to guarantee that your Google Ads convert visitors into leads.

Combine that harsh reality with the fact that you’re competing with billion-dollar companies that are lightyears ahead, it might seem like you’re staring up Mt. Everest.

But you don't have to start from the bottom. leadPops has mastered every aspect of Google Ads specifically for the mortgage industry. We’ll share our tools and expertise with you instantly.

Why do it all yourself when you have the opportunity to work with leadPops?

“The leadPops team was great to work with from getting started to getting set up. Being new to this realm of marketing they added tremendous value in not only revamping our web space but helping us advertise across platforms. They are a great team to work with! I couldn't be happier with the level of service we have received.”
Steve Kaiser, Owner/Loan Originator Steve Kaiser Owner/Loan Originator Stars

Everything You Get

with leadPops’ Done-For-You Google Ads Services

Mortgage-Specific Content

Hiring a digital marketer to run your Google Ads when they don’t know the mortgage industry is like buying yourself more work and a migraine. Your leadPops Google Ad service includes content proven to make loan officers stand out in the ocean of search results (and keep headaches at bay).

You can run ads for specific loan types, and target refis or purchase customers depending on the push you’re looking to make. ​You won’t have to teach Mortgages 101 to your leadPops Ads Manager​, because you’ll be talking shop with a marketing expert who gets your industry.

Custom Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

Most Google Ads services just worry about getting you to show up on the search results page. They don’t care if their ads ​actually work — A​KA generate exclusive mortgage leads for you.

By contrast, ​leadPops controls the post-click experience​ to guarantee that qualified leads end up in your inbox.

Your leadPops Google Ads service includes 100% Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages, curated with content that weaves your leadPops Funnels throughout — all fully customized with your branding and logo, naturally.

Our landing pages also include Sticky Navigation to encourage your traffic to enter a Lead Funnel or better yet, ​cut to the chase and dial your phone directly.​ This gives you the opportunity to ​close even more loans ​BEYOND the leads submitted to you.

Customized Keyword Targeting

You know you want more customers — and we know exactly what they’re searching for. ​We identify hyper-local keywords through expansive keyword research for your market. ​You’ll be targeting the ​right ​Google users based on their location and searches.

With leadPops, you don’t have to fiddle around or guess what keywords work best for your Google Ads. Just hand us the keys and get ready for the leads to roll in.

Conversion Tracking

Between the keywords, audiences, and all the other marketing jargon, how do you know which ad to run when and where? It’s simple: ​keep doing what works. ​Conversion tracking within the leadPops Google Ads service shows you what ads are ​getting you clients​. We track conversions through Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Ads.

When these platforms are speaking to each other, you get the best mortgage marketing campaign possible. ​We tie conversions to ads, keywords, locations, and more to optimize every campaign you run. ​After a while, Google only spends your precious marketing budget on ads that are converting.

24/7/365 Lead Follow-Up (Optional Add-On Service)

Generating dozens or hundreds of leads with your leadPops Google Ads services isn’t a fairy tale. It’s the reality you can expect immediately after launching your ads.

Because you’re spending hard-earned money to generate mortgage leads, you need to make sure your prospects are booking meetings.​ We all know some people won’t answer the phone... even if they ​desperately need ​a mortgage.

To turn elusive leads into completed 1003s, we offer a fully automated lead Follow-Up Service Add-On that nurtures and qualifies your leads every second of every day. ​Our mortgage-specific service even sets appointments for you! ​You’ll literally be booking appointments with prospects all day, even while you sleep and on the weekends.

As part of this concierge service, you can ​expect up to 31 touches over 6 months by phone call, text, and email​ — all handled by U.S.-based, mortgage appointment-setting specialists.

Countless CRM Integrations

Already have your favorite CRM baked into your business? Don’t feel like wasting time importing all your new Google Ads leads? ​That’s why leadPops integrates with every major mortgage CRM and 100+ other platformsthrough Zapier.​ We speak fluent mortgage, so you can fit us right in with the rest of the tools that help grow your business.