Are you tired of billion-dollar corporations snatching up your leads?

Discover how you can take back your clients with a unique lead capture system that instantly plugs right into any website or page.

The Machine is taking your leads.

Online customer acquisition is now dominated by a “Digital Cabal”: a small group of large companies in places like Silicon Valley and Manhattan.

These multi-billion-dollar companies pour millions into online lead generation so they can snatch up all the leads and sell them back to you in the form of “pay-to-play” directories.

We call it, The Machine.

Your prospects see these same few companies everywhere they look:
Google search, social media, email, YouTube, billboards, radio ads — the list goes on.

But prospects aren’t looking for some giant corporation that’s just going to sell their info to anyone with $50 — they’re looking for you.

The Machine can always outspend you, but you have one advantage these companies don’t:

You’re local.

You’re the one who can give the personal service prospects actually want.


It’s time to cut out the middlemen. And take back your clients.

Capture prospects you might otherwise lose to the industry giants with rebel Paths. It’s a unique lead capture system you can use with your local referral partners, or by yourself. Used to its full potential, rebel Paths create a powerful Network Effect that keeps leads local.

Create more opportunities to capture leads

Add calls-to-action and lead generation entry points to almost any online content — even 3rd-party websites

Keep leads local

Create “digital yard signs” your local referral network can use to win leads together

Track and improve
your lead generation

See what’s delivering the most leads so you can double down on the strategies that work best

Create more opportunities to turn prospects into exclusive leads

Convert more prospects into qualified leads with rebel Path’s core feature: Conversion Paths. Conversion Paths are attention-grabbing lead generation entry points you can place on almost any website or page. Even on 3rd-party websites you don’t own.

Use rebel Paths to…

Grab your prospect’s attention anywhere

  • Your website
  • Your referral partners’ sites
  • Single-property websites
  • Blog posts and other 3rd-party content
  • Almost any web page — even if it’s not yours

Get prospects to take any action

  • Call or text
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Enter a Lead Funnel
  • View a featured property
  • Fill out an application
  • Get a quote
  • Sign up for an event
  • Any call-to-action you want

3 types of rebel Paths. Unlimited ways to use them.

Omni Bar

A horizontal bar placed on the top or bottom of the page with a single call-to-action button.

Lead Pack

A “digital business card” that can include multiple buttons, images, click-to-call, and more.

Full-Page Takeover

A full-page overlay that appears based on a timer or when the prospect shows intent to leave the page.

Create more opportunities
from your website

Use rebel Paths to grab your visitor’s attention and direct them toward any action you want them to take — like viewing a featured home, booking an appointment, or calling.

You can even use Exit Intent triggers to display a Full-Page Takeover when your visitor moves their mouse to close the page. So you get an extra chance to capture a lead you almost lost.

You and your referral partners,
winning leads together

Team up with other local service providers to place rebel Paths on each other’s websites. Think of each Path like a “digital yard sign” that helps you and your referral network keep prospects local.

Get access to dozens of pre-built rebel Paths for a variety of local service businesses, including:

  • Mortgage
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance

The more businesses you partner with, the more power your local network has. Now you and your referral partners can rebel against The Machine together.

Capture leads from 3rd-party content. (Yes, really.)

Place a rebel Path on almost any webpage including blog posts, single-property websites, and any other content you share.

Simply enter the URL of the page to generate your own unique URL. Then share it through email, social media, or anywhere else you do marketing.

This unique URL will direct to a new version of the original web page with your rebel Paths included.

Now you can turn any web content into an opportunity to capture leads — even if you don’t own the website.

Unlimited possibilities

Our customers constantly find new use cases for rebel Paths. Get a demo to discuss how rebel Paths can help grow your business.

Start with a template.
Or start from scratch.

Use our pre-built rebel Paths, or create your own.
Then customize your Path by adding or editing:

  • Text
  • Colors
  • Buttons
  • Links
  • Images (Packs & Full Page only)
  • Video (Full Page only)
Erika Gaytan Mortgage Advisor
Amazing company to work with!!! leadpops has advanced marketing strategies that I use to boost my business and the business of all of my referral partners; and I especially appreciate how quickly I got the help that I needed so my funnels went live without a hitch. Thanks especially to Lindsay who was so kind and took the time to make sure I had all of my questions answered. I highly recommend leadpops to everyone!

Turn data into dollars

Get detailed performance metrics for your rebel Paths, including:

  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Conversion Rate
  • Conversions
  • And More

When you can see which Paths perform best, you can double down on your most effective strategies and generate more leads.

You don’t need any special skills to use rebel Paths

You’ll get support from our team of mortgage and real estate marketing experts every step of the way.

Marketing Advisors

Guided Product Walkthroughs

rebel iQ Success Academy

24/7 Online Support Center

Exclusive Facebook Groups

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Wendy Thompson Mortgage Advisor
I have used leadpops for several years now and can’t imagine what I would do without their lead generating funnels. The number of people who go to my site and complete the quiz is close to 14% which is crazy high. You won’t be disappointed!

Turn your website into a lead-generating machine

Your leadpops demo comes with a free Digital Marketing Assessment.