To Every Mortgage Originator
Who’s Sick & Tired Of Dumping
Money & Time Into:

Google Ads… Chamber Of Commerce Meetings… Postcard Campaigns… Radio Ads… Marketing “Consultants”… Realtor Co-Marketing Schemes… Facebook… Newspaper Ads… SEO…

Only To Throw Up Your Hands And Wonder…

“Why Can’t I Get More Leads?”

Dear Friend

Just the other day I had a long talk with a mortgage broker from Omaha, Nebraska.

It echoed conversations I’ve had time and time again with LOs and mortgage pros all over the country…

He was telling me how some days it’s like a knife fight to get enough leads to keep him and his four loan officers booked and busy.

The “Big Bullies” are squeezing the life out of small, independent LOs. You know who I mean… companies like LowerMyBills, LendingTree and Quicken Loans…

With their gazillion-dollar marketing budgets they can afford to carpet-bomb the whole country with expensive prime-time TV spots…

And they don’t bat an eye at paying $20-$30
a click to shove their way to the top of Google.

They make so much noise that John Q. Homebuyer thinks Wells Fargo is THE place to go—meanwhile they’re getting socked for an extra $3,000 in fees, not to mention what that “rock bottom rate” is going to cost them over the life of their mortgage…

This broker confessed that he’s tried buying leads before—if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… right?

But doing that you quickly learn that ACTIVITY is a far cry from PRODUCTIVITY…

Because when you try to call those “exclusive” leads you bought, you spend all your time leaving messages with the robots.

And on the rare occasion when an actual human being answers the phone, they snarl at you that they just wanted to find out what the rates are looking like and now you’re the 17th ambulance-chasing salesperson who’s called in the last 5 hours.

You’d have to be a telesales rockstar to close more than 1 in 50 of those…

For this broker, 90% of his business comes from referrals—real estate agents and builders, mostly.

But he knows how rickety THAT foundation is…

Your average Realtor has ZERO loyalty—they’ll dropkick you to the curb the moment another (often unscrupulous) LO waves a juicy little “incentive” under their nose…

So he’s constantly watching his back and scouting for new agents to replace the ones who stop taking his calls…

As he’s telling me this, I can hear the frustration seeping into his voice.

And I totally get where he’s coming from—I hear this story over and over from the small, independent mortgage brokers and loan officers I talk to every day.

They have the goliath “Mortgage Mills” beat on everything that matters—better rates, lower fees, lightning-fast return times… And they always put the customer first, serving their needs over the interests of huge multi-national banks.

So why the heck is it so
hard to get leads?

You’d think the average consumer would be beating a path to their door, but instead it seems like they’re running straight into LowerMyBill’s hungry jaws.

If any of this is sounding familiar, I have some GREAT news for you.

Because chances are good that…

You’re Already Generating Up To 4X MORE Leads
Than You Realize

Andrew Pawlak Marketing Consultant for Mortgage Brokers & Loan Officers
Hi, I’m Andrew Pawlak.
I’ve spent the last 14 years
of my life working
“in the trenches”
to help clients generate qualified mortgage leads.

And time after time I’ve seen LOs who THINK their advertising and marketing aren’t working because they aren’t getting leads…

When in fact their advertising is doing just fine—or would be, if they weren’t LOSING 3 out of every 4 potential leads because of a common error.

This single problem is a chokepoint that throttles the life out of everything you do to generate leads…

Whether it’s sending out mountains of postcards… blanketing the airwaves with radio ads… blasting out email, buying clicks from Google… or even recruiting Realtors and financial advisors at Chamber of Commerce and BNI meetings…

You’re hustling and spending to generate leads, but if you don’t remove this chokepoint, most of your hard work goes to waste—like you’ve got the A/C cranked up to full blast with all your windows down.

There’s an easy fix , though—a simple technique
I discovered back in 2009.

Since then more than 500 small loan originators all over the U.S. have tried this approach in their marketing—and they’ve generated more than 500,000 red-hot “fund me now” leads as a result…

Most saw their leads skyrocket by up to 4X from the EXACT SAME MARKETING… marketing they were ALREADY doing.

When I first stumbled into this technique, I ran a marketing agency that built template websites for mortgage companies.

My clients were satisfied with the work we did. But when I asked them how many leads they got from their brand new website, they’d say, “Oh, they trickle in now and then.”

That did NOT make me happy.

Leads are the lifeblood of your mortgage business. At the end of the day, if you’re not getting qualified leads from your marketing, you’re just flushing money down the toilet.

These business owners were investing thousands of dollars into a website… Then spending thousands more on Google ads, postcards, magazine ads, SEO, social media, Realtor co-marketing…

But the leads just weren’t materializing.

That was totally unacceptable.

So I started to dig.

I looked at their ads, and I analyzed the traffic patterns on their websites…

And I made a surprising discovery:

Advertising is NOT the Problem

Turns out, the ads were actually doing their job. They were sending a flood of potential customers to my clients’ websites and social media pages.

But then the wheels came off the wagon, so to speak.

Because 99.9% of those visitors just clicked away without calling or filling out the “request a quote” form or application—they just vanished forever.

Sure they’d get a couple calls and everyone wants the phone to ring. But these days fewer and fewer customers are willing to pick up the phone. Instead they do all their research online, and if you don’t catch them during the few seconds they’re on your site, you’ll never hear from them.

I just knew there had to be a way to coax more of those visitors to step out of the shadows and fill out those lead forms so my clients could follow up.

As it so happens, there’s a whole science dedicated to exactly that—it’s called Conversion Optimization. The more I read, the more I realized just how deep this rabbit hole went.

Even tiny changes to your marketing can make a huge difference. Just tweaking the color of a button or reorganizing the questions on a form can spike your leads through the roof—or send them crashing to the floor.

I quickly realized that I could easily spend YEARS of my life (and burn through thousands of dollars of my clients’ money) trying to figure all the principles and psychology behind this on my own…

Then I had a stroke of inspiration…

Why Reinvent The Wheel?

Companies like LowerMyBills, LendingTree and Quicken Loans had already invested millions and millions of dollars into this research.

They’d hired the best “top-gun” marketing and programming geniuses money could buy… then spent years testing, tweaking and fine-tuning their marketing strategies until they could consistently generate leads at a profit.

Now let me be perfectly clear…

These behemoths are without question the “bad boys” of the mortgage industry. And I flat-out despise many of their tactics…

Like how they shove aside small mortgage originators (who put the customer first) so they can harvest consumer data, only to sell it over and over to the same LOs they elbowed out in the first place…

Or the way they “stretch the truth” when presenting their offerings, promising impossible loan rates just to lock consumers down…

Or how they shuffle consumers around through bureaucratic mazes until they miss their close dates…

Nonsense like this gives ALL mortgage companies a black eye and makes your job 100X harder at every step.

But I also recognized that these companies are generating billions of dollars in loans year in and year out…

I realized that if I could reverse engineer their lead generation approach, then I could put those same battle-tested techniques to work for MY clients.

The idea of turning the tables on the “schoolyard bullies” like LowerMyBills made me giddy.

So I got out my microscope and took a long, hard look at what these big companies were doing.

And let me tell you, I was pretty surprised to find that…

LowerMyBills and ALL the Mortgage Marketing Big Boys Had Turned The Whole Lead Capture Process INSIDE OUT

The way that LowerMyBills and these other goliath companies capture leads is NOTHING like the way most typical mortgage companies do it.

Here’s what I mean…

When you visit most mortgage originator websites, the first thought that runs through your mind is, “Where do I even start?”

The home page is a hopeless jumble of navigation, logos, links and graphics competing for your attention. Hidden somewhere in that mess you’ll probably find a “request a quote” button.

And when you click that button, you jump to a form that looks a lot like your standard loan application form, with a bunch of text fields for contact information like name, phone and email and others for financial data like credit score and income.

That seems logical, right?

After all your visitors want to know about your rates… And you can’t provide a good quote without collecting all the right information.

But put yourself in your visitor’s shoes for a minute.

You’ve found a home you want to buy, and now you’re looking for a mortgage.

The typical consumer doesn’t realize they should look for a mortgage FIRST—they jump straight into finding their dream home. That’s why Realtors always get the leads first… more on how to flip that on its head in just a minute!

You type “mortgages phoenix” scan the search results and click on something that looks interesting…

And right up front, this website slaps you in the face with a big, scary form demanding all your sensitive personal data.

These days people are very suspicious and protective of their information—and for good reason.

They’re scared of identity theft.

Or they don’t want to be hounded by telemarketers calling them all day and night…

Who in their right mind would fill out a huge (and intimidating!) form like that?

I sure wouldn’t.

Even if it’s a referral. We all know referrals aren’t a slam dunk.

Once I realized this, I started to wonder how my clients were getting ANY leads from their marketing.

So what’s the solution?

Well LowerMyBills, LendingTree and the others have known about this problem for years.

And it’s an even bigger problem for them, because where your marketing budget might be just a couple thousand dollars a year, they’re spending tens of millions.

So they threw everything they have at this problem, investing millions of dollars and uncountable man-hours, running thousands of tests…

And what they discovered is a way to take the traditional, pushy and intimidating mortgage form and tear it apart…

Then put the pieces back together in a unique way…

For the customer, this “Inside Out” lead capture form feels more like a simple video game or easy “quiz”.

And it makes the process of getting a mortgage quote fast, easy, laid back, non-threatening and—here’s the clincher—even FUN…

It’s brilliant, really.

I immediately saw the good that this simple, powerful technique could do for my clients and the homeowners and homebuyers they serve…

I became obsessed… I resigned from my position as co-founder of the template mortgage website company. Anyone could build a website; I was on a quest to solve REAL problems clients were seeing.

I started testing and implementing my own ideas and tactics, building on the basic idea developed by the big lenders and lead slingers…

I discovered ways to cut the number of clicks to a bare minimum…

How to use subtle visual cues to encourage the customer to keep filling out the form…

The best possible combination of button size, colors, fonts, and text to convert as many leads as possible…

A year and a half later, leadPops Funnels were born.

After some thorough testing I convinced several mortgage professionals to try this approach in their marketing.

The results just blew us away!

“Best investment we have made in many years. Since implementing leadPops Funnels on our website, we’ve received 106 leads. Out of those leads, we’ve contacted 87 of them and closed 23, resulting in over $85,000 in commission checks. Needless to say, I am very happy with the results we have received from leadPops.”
Larry Alexander, Mortgage Broker, Great Plains Mortgage Company
Larry Alexander

Owner Great Plains Mortgage Company

These early results were exciting—but I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a fluke.

To really “torture test” this idea, I needed to find a BIG client, who was already spending a ton of money to generate leads.

And that’s how I ended up on the doorstep of one of the largest names in the online mortgage/real estate world in July 2012.

Since they’re pretty touchy about the use of their company name and I’d rather not get any emails or letters from their legal team, let’s just say their name starts with “Z” and rhymes with “willow” — we’ll call them “Big-Z” for short.

And allow me to be clear: we are no longer working with Big-Z. They are not endorsing or sponsoring leadPops in any way. This information I’m sharing is based on the case studies and data we collected when we partnered with them in 2013.

I made them a straightforward offer:

I’d build my new “Inside Out” lead capture pages for free—if they’d agree to test them in the Mortgage Marketplace side-by-side with their current landing pages.

At first my challenge was met with deafening silence. I worked my way through my contacts at Big-Z, hitting dead end after dead end…

But my persistence finally paid off and Big-Z agreed to the showdown.

My team and I set up a landing page for one of Big-Z’s largest advertisers—an independent mortgage company that was spending MAJOR bucks (over $60,000 a month) to drive clicks to a traditional “request a quote” form.

It didn’t take long to declare a winner.

In fact, the outcome was clear within minutes…

And after two solid weeks of testing…

Our new quiz funnels smoked their old-fashioned lead
capture form by 83%. And several of our other quiz funnels worked even better!

The client was thrilled—just like that they were getting nearly twice the leads and hundreds of thousands of dollars in new mortgage business from the SAME AD BUDGET.

Big-Z was stunned. They immediately hired my team to build more quiz funnels for other top advertisers…

Over the next 8 months we launched over 30 mortgage lead generation campaigns with Big-Z, and in every case our quiz funnels DESTROYED the outdated lead forms—generating 2-4X more leads.


You might be thinking that is hard to believe, and I don’t blame you.

But the numbers don’t lie. See for yourself:

Original Big-Z & leadPops Funnels Test
Mortgage Landing Page Test Graph
leadPops Mortgage Marketing Logo Small leadPops
Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Logo SmallBig-Z (original)

Average visitor to lead conversion rate

leadPops Mortgage Marketing Logo Big leadPops 11.41%
Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Logo Big Big-Z (original) 6.21%

I trained the Big-Z team on using my approach, and today these “Inside Out” quiz funnels are the backbone of their $28.2M Mortgage Marketplace.

These results left me more convinced than ever that I was onto something big.

And I wanted to get this new, powerful tool into the hands of every hard-working independent mortgage broker and loan officer in the country.

There was just one
problem though…

Building these quiz funnel lead capture pages is EXPENSIVE. There’s a lot of complicated programming and testing that has to happen on the back end…

And then there’s customizing everything—the domain, call-to-action messaging, images, logos and colors, email and text message alerts for new leads… tying in the reporting… for EACH AND EVERY CAMPAIGN… well, you can see how much goes into launching just one of these funnels…

I already had a team of programmers that was up to the challenge. And since I worked with so many LOs as clients, I had the resources to test these funnels.

But my clients were STILL shelling out thousands of dollars for my team to put together these pages for them—and while the investment quickly paid off, I found that many independent LOs couldn’t afford the upfront expense.

I needed to find a way to make this technology available to everyone at an affordable price.

And that’s how the NEW and IMPROVED leadPops Funnels 2.0 came to be.

So what are leadPops
Funnels exactly?

Well, in a nutshell:

leadPops Funnels is a software system that makes it easy to launch high-converting, quiz-style landing pages…

Just like the ones we used to increase Big-Z’s leads by up to 4X

When you install leadPops Funnels in your business, it’s like putting rocket fuel in your marketing engine. Suddenly you’re capturing dozens or even hundreds more leads than you ever thought you’d get…

From the marketing you’re ALREADY doing!

The heart of the leadPops Funnels system is our proprietary set of mortgage “quiz funnels” that make it easy and fun for your customers to request personalized help from you.

Because these pages are 100% custom designed for YOUR specific needs as a LO, they blow away the standard “one-size-fits-all” forms that generic landing page software spits out… AND the wannabe lead capture forms “built into” those mortgage website templates.

On that note, if you’ve been disappointed with the leads from your mortgage website… these funnels are exactly what you’ve been missing all along.

These quiz funnels are fast and easy to deploy in your business—they plug right into your existing marketing in less than 5 minutes.

And because we’ve refined and tuned these quiz funnels through hundreds of tests, they work like crazy for every LO that tries them.

It’s like releasing the emergency brake that’s been slowing your marketing to a crawl—suddenly every dollar you spend on ads generates as much as 2-4X more leads.

It might sound crazy, but that’s what conversion optimization is all about—compelling potential clients to take action!

Funnels connect you with your potential client so that you can do what you do best—build a relationship, help them with their loan, and make some decent money while you’re at it.

Here’s how it all works:

When a home owner or home buyer visits your leadPops quiz funnel she sees a friendly invitation to answer a few non-intrusive questions… presented in a way that’s enticing…

And with each question she answers, the quiz funnel “rewards” her progress.

She’s tweaking menus and adjusting sliders, almost like she’s customizing the options on a new family sedan…

She’s having FUN—while she’s giving you all the information you need to qualify her for a home loan…

She gets more and more engrossed, and before she knows it she’s at the point of no return. And since you’ve built a relationship with her by focusing on HER needs, she’s happy to fill in her name, phone number and email address.

Now on the surface this looks like a simple process, but there’s some deep psychology at work here.

Every part of your new quiz funnel is carefully
designed and tested…

The wording of the questions. The colors of the buttons and where elements are positioned on the page. Weird things you’d probably never think of like hover effects, instant answer validation, hot keys… subtle animations and interactions to help guide potential clients along… Even the order of the questions themselves can make or break your success.

It ALL matters. And it’s all precision-tuned to pull your visitors in and gets them click-click-clicking along…

Build a relationship by getting a dozen or so “easy yeses” first to get their buy in before asking for sensitive information

And once they’re invested in the process, they’re more than happy to share their email and phone number so you can follow up with them.

That means that more leads—in many cases 2-4 times more—from the SAME advertising budget.

But the sheer number of leads you’ll get isn’t even the most exciting part…

For one thing, these leads are 100% YOURS.

YOU generated these leads through your marketing, and you’ll never have to scratch and claw with 15 other LOs to close them.

Then there’s the lead quality.

First off, you get MUCH more than just a name and phone number. You’ll have at your fingertips all the information you need to instantly sort the closable customers from the hopeless lost causes.

And when you pick up the phone, these people are EXPECTING to hear from you, and they’re HAPPY to talk to you.

That’s right—no more playing phone tag with tire-kickers who dodge you and “screen” your calls.

Instead they’ll be impressed and appreciative of your outstanding customer service.

Everybody wins:

Your customers are happy because they actually enjoyed the experience of requesting a quote—without going through a mortgage telesales slaughterhouse to get the info they wanted.

And you’re happy because you’re getting truly EXCLUSIVE leads, including all the data you need to provide an accurate quote—and then connecting with real human beings instead of getting the voicemail cold-shoulder.

Here’s What Clients & Partners Are Saying

“Thank you so much, leadPops! We’ve had 3 leads come in this weekend… 2 warm and 1 hot! I’m so excited to have you guys on my team! I have been nothing but impressed by how professional and knowledgeable your company has been. Thanks again and have a great day!”
Nikki Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing, Titan Home Lending
Nikki Wood

Director of Sales & Marketing, Titan Home Lending

“I have referred a number of my clients and prospects who are looking to build new landing pages or improve the number of leads generated from their existing landing pages. leadPops’ industry knowledge, response time, and attention to detail is outstanding, and many of my clients have shared with me their appreciation for referring them to leadPops.”
Paul Duncan National Account Director, Informa
Paul Duncan

National Account Director, Informa

Now… Available For The First Time…
The All-New leadPops Funnels 2.0.

Until today, leadPops was only available to a relatively small group of mortgage brokers and LOs who could afford a sizable upfront investment—and had the time to wait patiently.

See we were 100% focused on polishing the leadPops “quiz funnels” for our clients.

That didn’t leave us much time to automate the process of getting started with leadPops.

The lucky few who did get access had to pay an extra setup fee of $597, PLUS their monthly membership dues…

And they still had to wait weeks before they could start using their leadPops funnels in their business.

But after seeing how revolutionary these tools were for our clients, I doubled down on my commitment to bring this technology within reach for every independent mortgage broker and LO in the country…

And after 11 months of late nights by my programming and marketing wizards (and mountains of trail mix and empty Suja juice bottles), I’m proud to announce that I’m finally ready to throw open the doors on the all-new leadPops Funnels.

Here’s what you get for
trying leadPops today

The heart and soul of Funnels 2.0 is what I call our Mortgage Marketing Funnels.

This is a collection of 15 plug-and-play, ready-to-go leadPops “quiz funnel” mortgage landing pages.

Each of these pages is purpose-built to attract a specific type of mortgage customer—and then convert them from an anonymous click to a qualified lead.

These pages are powered by our proprietary Relationship-Building Technology, which is the software engine behind the quiz-style pages that makes them so irresistible and “sticky”.

And when you sign into your account just a minute from now, you’ll find your Mortgage Marketing Funnels ready to go—all you need to do is tell leadPops where to send your leads (you can get them by email, text message or both).

We’ve even baked compliance in for you—just answer a couple of easy questions and we handle the rest!

Whether you prefer to work with home buyers or find you write a lot of refis, there’s a funnel here that’s perfect for your business. These 15 funnels include all of the most popular loan products, including conventional, FHA, VA, jumbo, and USDA loans—and covering purchase, refinance or general rate quote scenarios.

Here’s what’s included:

Conventional Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels Showcase
3 Conventional Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels
  • Home Purchase Qualifier
  • Home Refinance Analysis
  • Custom Mortgage Rate Quote
3 VA Loan Mortgage Lead
Generation Funnels
  • VA Home Purchase Qualifier
  • VA Home Refinance Analysis
  • Custom VA Loan Rate Quote
VA Loan Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels Showcase
FHA Loan Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels Showcase
3 FHA Loan Mortgage Lead
Generation Funnels
  • FHA Home Purchase Qualifier
  • FHA Home Refinance Analysis
  • Custom FHA Loan Rate Quote
3 Jumbo Loan Mortgage Lead
Generation Funnels
  • Jumbo Home Purchase Qualifier
  • Jumbo Home Refinance Analysis
  • Custom Jumbo Loan Rate Quote
Jumbo Loan Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels Showcase
USDA Loan Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels Showcase
3 USDA Loan Mortgage Lead
Generation Funnels
  • USDA Home Purchase Qualifier
  • USDA Home Refinance Analysis
  • Custom USDA Loan Rate Quote

Each of these funnels includes a pre-built, “just add traffic” quiz landing page that’s tuned specifically for that type of loan.

You just pick the funnel or funnels that work best for your business…

And within minutes you’re capturing more leads—leads that your current marketing is ALEADY generating.

Need more traffic? No problem. We can work with you 1-on-1 to set up your new funnels, then buy clicks at a rate you can easily afford. Thanks to the tracking built into every leadPops Funnel, you’ll see exactly how much profit you’re making for each lead you generate.

In fact, we offer a number of traffic solutions and 1-on-1 coaching, but you have to rewire the way you’ve been taught to think about online marketing—it doesn’t start with traffic, and traffic doesn’t mean success. You can’t refinance a click. It all starts with setting the proper foundation first—optimize to convert leads before you start spending money on driving clicks that have no chance of converting into a tangible lead…

While these funnels are ready to go as is, you have a lot of flexibility to personalize them if you choose—by uploading your logo as well as a “hero image” and custom background to match your branding, and by creating custom “welcome” and “thank you” messages to set the right tone. You can even craft a personal email message that fires off to your new customers as soon as they submit the finished quote form—letting them know what to expect next and opening a dialog with them.

Keep in mind, everything comes ready to go for you. You don’t have to spend hours and grief figuring out new technology, or coming up with effective marketing call-to-action language, or the right questions to ask in any given scenario—we’ve done all of that for you.

When a new lead hits your inbox, you get notified instantly—by email, text or both. You’ll have all of the information you need to qualify the lead right there in the email, so you can follow up immediately.

And you can control which types of leads go to each of your team members, so every new lead gets routed to the right LO, every time.

Since your leads are the lifeblood of your business, every new lead that comes in is backed up on leadPops’ secure, encrypted servers.

You can log in to your leadPops dashboard at any time to see your new leads, email individual leads to members of your team—even export a history of all of your leads. You’ll never have to worry about leads falling into the “email abyss” and disappearing forever.

The leadPops dashboard also gives you a “command center” view of how your Funnels are performing.

You’ll see exactly how many prospective customers viewed your leadPops Funnels, as well as how many leads you’ve collected and your overall conversion rate. (And if you’re a seasoned marketer, you can even install Google Analytics on each Funnel for further insight with just a few clicks!).

That way you can see at a glance which of your marketing efforts are paying off—and which are wasting your hard-earned ad dollars.

In the past our clients paid $597 all the way up to $4,997—just for setup, plus $97 a month—at a minimum, that’s a 1-year cost of $1,761 PER FUNNEL.

Even at that cost, LOs were clamoring to get access because they had NO doubt their investment would pay off.

These funnels are easily worth $1,761 each—and taken together they’re worth $26,415…

As a leadPops member, there’s no need to pick and choose—you get all 15 Funnels included at NO extra charge.

Value: $26,415 for 1 year

Bonus #1—”Exotic” Niche
Mortgage Funnels

While the leadPops conventional, government and jumbo funnels are far and away the most popular…

You’ll also get 5 funnels to generate leads for more “exotic” products like 203K, HARP and reverse mortgages.

203K Loan Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels Showcase
3 203K Loan Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels
  • 203K Home Purchase Qualifier
  • 203K Home Refinance Analysis
  • 203K Loan Rate Quote
PLUS 2 Additional Mortgage Funnels
HARP Loan Lead Generation Funnels Showcase
  • HARP Loan Qualifier
Reverse Mortgage Lead Generation Funnels Showcase
  • Reverse Mortgage Qualifier

Each of these Funnels is worth $1,761, but I’m throwing them in as a bonus for trying leadPops.

Value: $8,805

Bonus #2—The “Realtor Loyalty Lock-In”
Marketing Package

Most LOs I talk to dream about having a horde of high-producing realtors who feed them business week in and week out…

But more often the the reality of Realtor co-marketing looks more like a nightmare…

Chasing real estate agents around with donuts and rate sheets…

Marketing “partnerships” where you pay for half their advertising and the leads never quite materialize like they promised…

Sucking up to lazy agents with ZERO loyalty, who jump ship the minute the next mortgage broker comes along with a better offer…

Realtor co-marketing is broken.

That’s because the real estate agent is in the driver’s seat—not you. There isn’t a lot you can offer that the next mortgage broker or LO can’t easily top.

Realtors know it too—and many of them aren’t afraid to milk you (and the other 8 LOs they’re stringing along) to see who comes up with the best perks this week.

This “Loyalty Lock-In” package flips all that on its head.

Now instead of crawling to realtors with hat in hand, you’ll suddenly find THEM chasing YOU.

You’re calling the shots—because you can help them get what they all desperately want: more qualified buyers and sellers.

These will be some of the easiest partnerships you’ve ever set up.

It works like this…

In addition to the 15 Mortgage Lead Funnels and the bonus 5 Exotic Mortgage Funnels I’m including with your leadPops membership you also get:

12 Real Estate Lead Generation Funnels

4 Home Search Funnels:
  • Home Search
  • Foreclosure Search
  • 203K Home Search
  • Luxury Home Search
4 Home Finder Funnels:
  • Home Finder
  • Foreclosure Finder
  • 203K Home Finder
  • Luxury Home Finder
PLUS 4 Additional Real Estate Funnels
  • Home Values Finder (X 2)
  • Short Sale Assistant
  • Open House Registration

You can cherry pick your favorite big producers and offer to let them use your real estate funnels to convert more leads from THEIR marketing.

It’s easy—I’ll even give you an easy-to-follow, word-for-word script that you can use to pique their interest…

Trust me, their ears perk up when you start talking about giving them more qualified buyers and sellers…

And how you can help them generate buyer leads for their own listings (double the commissions!)…

Best of all, you don’t even have to convince the agents by yourself.

You just whet their appetite, and then my team will jump on a 15 minute call and show them what a strategic alliance with you can do for their business.

Usually by the end of this call, the realtors are giving us the passwords for their website so we can get started installing YOUR FUNNELS into THEIR marketing right away…

Now every lead the agent generates through your leadPops real estate funnels gets sent to BOTH of you—instantly and automatically.

The reason it’s such an easy sell is because you both win:

The realtor gets more leads, and better quality leads.

You get more leads too. But you also get peace of mind—because you don’t have to worry about whether the agents you recruit will stay loyal.

You effectively own a part of their marketing machine—they can’t cut you out even if they want to because you get instant notifications as the leads come in!

Pick and choose your agents. If they’re tough to work with or not producing, cut them loose. Need more real estate Funnels for more agent partnerships? Just let us know and we’ll hook you up.

This is a game-changer for many of our
clients—a realtor marketing strategy that actually WORKS.

Now this package isn’t even something we offer normally. If I had to put a price on all this—we’re talking the real estate funnels, plus the script and coaching and my team’s direct involvement to help you seal the deal—I’d charge a minimum of $10,000 per year.

You get it with your leadPops Funnels 2.0 membership for no extra charge.

Value: $10,000 per year

Bonus #3—Smartphone And Tablet Funnels (100% Compatible With iPhone, iPad And Android)

You may not realize it, but right now your marketing is turning away up to HALF of your potential customers…

That’s because 50% or more of your customers are looking you up from their smartphone or tablet… And that number will only continue to grow over the next 2-3 years.

Potential customers using tiny, touch-screen devices are even less likely to fill out the standard-issue “request a quote” or loan application form than customers on a regular PC.

We saw this trend developing several years ago, and that’s why we created leadPops Mobile.

These aren’t your typical “mobile” website pages that just rearrange a few controls around to cram the page into a smaller screen.

Every leadPops Funnel has a dedicated mobile version, designed from the ground up to be just as fast, fun and easy to use on a small touch screen device as the standard version is on a PC.

We automatically detect what device your customer is using and send them to the correct version of your Funnel.

They get the best possible experience—and you get more leads as a result.

In the past leadPops Mobile was an add-on… You’d pay a $297 setup fee, plus $47 a month—PER FUNNEL.

To build just 1 of these mobile Funnels and use it for 12 months you’d pay $861.

But with your full suite of desktop Funnels—all 32 mortgage and real estate Funnels—I’m including a matching leadPops Mobile Funnel with auto-detect built-in… as a bonus at no additional cost.

Value: $861 per year/per funnel ($27,552 total)

Bonus #4—The “Foolproof Followup”
Email Marketing System—Email FireTM

I can’t count how many clients I’ve worked with who are paying all kinds of money to generate leads…

Only to have those leads “fall through the cracks” because it’s such a headache to transfer the leads into the LO’s email newsletter software for consistent, regular followup.

In fact, many mortgage companies could grow their current business by 75-100% or more just by plugging this one leak.

That’s why your leadPops membership also includes our powerful, full-featured email newsletter and marketing automation software that we call Email FireTM.

Now every time you capture a lead the customer’s contact information syncs seamlessly to your Email Fire account.

NO double entry of contacts. NO lost leads.

New leads drop into separate “buckets” based on which funnel they came from. You’ll know at a glance who’s buying a new home and who’s looking to refi—and you can customize your email followup accordingly.

The email software alone would cost you $97 per month—and that’s not including the expense of hiring a software developer to get your contacts syncing automatically.

Plus you can cancel your existing email newsletter software and save the $50-$100 a month you’re shelling out now.

Your leadPops membership includes 500 contacts and UNLIMITED emails for FREE—and as your list grows you can get another 500 for just $25 a month.

Value: $97/month ($1,164/year)

Bonus #5—Unlimited
“Mortgage Marketing Hotline”
One-on-One Support

In your marketing, small tweaks can often mean the difference between an ad that gets results—and an utter failure.

Here at leadPops there aren’t many mortgage marketing challenges we haven’t already faced and overcome.

And when you’re a leadPops customer, you have our combined experience at your fingertips.

Working on an email blast to your customers?

Shoot it over to us—we’ll take a look and make sure
it’s going to get the results you want.

What about a direct mail campaign? We can help with that too. In fact, we’ve coached leadPops clients on every type of advertising you can imagine, from radio ads to referral marketing.

Typically we’ll respond when you call in, same day, or at most within 24 hours.

What is the value of having this kind of real-world mortgage marketing know-how on speed dial?

Well, my per-hour consulting rate is $500. My team regularly charges $2,500-5,000 to put a client’s marketing under the microscope.

If you used this “hotline” just once a quarter, it’s easily worth $2,500—not to mention the savings in your marketing budget and the improvement you’ll see in your response rates.

But as a leadPops member, you can tap our combined expertise with my complements.

Value: $10,000 per year

Bonus #6—”Quick Win” Marketing
Action Plans

There is NO shortage of marketing “how-to” information on the Internet.

But the challenge for many LOs is this:

How do you sift and sort the important strategies and tactics that will help and grow your business… from the toxic “advice” peddled by the sharks and charlatans in the “online marketing” underworld?

I’ve seen firsthand what happens when mortgage brokers follow these outdated or misguided tactics…

So I’ve worked with my team to compile an online library of marketing know-how.

I call it the leadPops Marketing Hub.

This is NOT a generic, “one-size-fits-all” data dump.

It’s a collection of specific, easy-to-apply tips and techniques…

Based on the latest, most-up-to-date intelligence…

And tested and tailored SPECIFICALLY for the mortgage industry.

You’ll get checklists, reference guides and cheatsheets that you can read quickly and apply TODAY to improve the results from your marketing campaigns.

In these marketing action plans, or MAPs, you’ll find proven strategies for your online marketing… including search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, email blasts… and traditional “offline” channels such as flyers, radio ads, magazine ads and even referral marketing.

And we’re just getting started. My team updates the Marketing Hub regularly with fresh “this stuff works in the real world” techniques we’ve gleaned from our daily tests and experiments.

As you can imagine, it’s no small task to take a collective 30+ years of hard-won mortgage marketing knowledge and break it all down into easily digested, actionable plans like these…

And if a leadPops client had asked us for this set of guides, I’d have charged at LEAST $5,000 to produce them.

My #1 goal is to see your marketing succeed, so I’m including instant access to every one of these action plans… plus ALL of the plans we’ll be adding in the weeks and months ahead… at no additional charge.

Value: $5,000

How Much Is All This
Going To Cost?

Until today, the only way to get access to leadPops was to hire my team to create a custom set of “quiz funnels” for your marketing campaigns.

That meant fronting a hefty setup cost (a minimum of $597 just to get started with 1 funnel)…

Then waiting up to 2 weeks while the developers built out your funnel…

And even with those restrictions, there were more LOs clamoring for access than my team and I could keep up with.

So we went back to the drawing board… and streamlined and automated the whole “getting started with leadPops” process.

Here’s why this is GREAT news for you:

You WON’T wait weeks before your leadPops
funnels start bringing you more and more leads…

You can be up and running in just 5 minutes.

AND it gets better…

Because now that we’re not feeding our programmers mountains of pizza to build your funnels by hand…

You can get all this for a fraction of what you’d have had to pay in the past.

You get EVERYTHING I’ve described on this page…
  • The 15 Mortgage Marketing Funnels for each of your major loan products including conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo and USDA (worth $26,415)
  • The BONUS 5 “Exotic” Niche Mortgage Funnels for 203K, HARP and reverse mortgages (worth $8,805)
  • The BONUS “Realtor Loyalty Lock-In” Real Estate Funnels, “partnership launcher” script, and 1:1 help with recruiting high-producing realtors to YOUR marketing team (worth $10,000)
  • The BONUS 100% iPhone, iPad and Android compatible leadPops Mobile Funnels (worth $27,552)
  • The BONUS “Foolproof Followup” Email FireTM Marketing Automation package (worth $1,164)
  • The BONUS unlimited “Mortgage Marketing Hotline” one-on-one support for YOUR online and offline marketing campaigns (worth $10,000)
  • The BONUS “Quick Win” mortgage marketing action plans (worth $5,000)

That’s a total of $88,936 worth of mortgage marketing tools and laser-targeted marketing advice for YOUR business.

But you’re not going to pay $88,936. You’re not going to pay $78,936. Or $10,000—or even $500.

Membership in the ALL NEW leadPops is just $87 per month.

NO contract.

That’s less than you’d pay for a couple of those “live-transfer” leads from the big-shot lead companies.

And if you close just ONE extra mortgage in the next 12 months, you’ll easily recoup your investment.

Here’s the deal though…

You and I both know that talk is cheap.

These days anyone can put up a web page and make
all kinds of claims about how they can save you
money and fix your business.

To show you how serious I am, I’ve decided to try an experiment.

So right now… TODAY…

You can test drive leadPops on me… FREE for 30 days.

I’m willing to make this generous offer because I’m confident that once you plug leadPops into your business…

And see all the new high-quality, ready-to-borrow leads spilling into your inbox…

You’ll agree that leadPops is the best thing to happen to your business in years.

Try it today…



FREE for 30 Days

And when you try
leadPops today, you’re
protected by our…

leadPops Mortgage Marketing ROI Guarantee Seal

1 Year “Get Results Or Pay Nothing”
100% Money-Back Guarantee

I have ZERO patience for “marketing consultants” who promise you the moon… string you along for years because “it takes time to see results”… and then disappear into the night just when it’s clear they couldn’t SEO their way out of a paper bag…

We don’t play that game at leadPops.

We’ve helped several hundred mortgage brokers and loan officers over the last 3+ years, and I’ve seen this lead capture system in action time and time again.

It just plain works. Every. Single. Time.

And I’m willing to back that up with real money.

“Good news! It definitely looks like the investment has been good so far as conversions are up about 65% after 1 week compared to my old site. Only bad news is I have to manually enter 42 leads from over the weekend into my CRM since my integration hasn’t been set up yet, but I guess that’s a good problem to have :)”
John Doan, Creative Director, Equinox Financial
John Doan

Creative Director, Equinox Financial

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do to help me grow my business. Your knowledge and expertise has helped me to engage with Realtors and establish new and better relationships. We have enjoyed a great synergy for a decade and I hope we continue for another. If there is ever an opportunity for me to refer anyone in need of your services, I assure you that I will pass your information on with the highest recommendations.”
Bill Burnett, President Homestead Mortgage and President, Virginia National Association of Mortgage Brokers
Bill Burnett

President, Homestead Mortgage & President VAMB

“leadPops has helped us improve our conversions with custom landing pages. Before working with leadPops, we struggled with figuring out the best design and optimization for our landing pages. They have been a great ally in helping us get the most out of our advertising dollars!”
Dan Stevens, VP Mortgage Finance and Business Strategy, National Bank of Kansas City
Dan Stevens

VP Mortgage Finance & Business Strategy, National Bank of Kansas City

Here’s my simple, iron-clad 5-part pledge to you:

  • IF you’re a full-time LO who is actively marketing your mortgage business (such as spending even just a couple hundred a month on advertising, or actively marketing your database, or even just seeking out and building referral partnerships)… and…
  • IF you’re willing to try leadPops in your business for the next 12 months…
  • THEN my team and I will come alongside you to break through any sticking points you have with your marketing…
  • AND I 100% guarantee that you will generate enough new leads to earn back your full investment in leadPops…
  • OR I’ll return every last penny of your money.

That’s right—you get
guaranteed results or your money back.

That’s practically unheard of in the marketing world.

Now you’ll notice I’ve included a couple of conditions in our guarantee. But they’re not there so I can “weasel out” of this agreement.

Actually they add an extra layer of protection for you.

Here’s what I mean:

The last thing I want is for a part-time LO with NO marketing plan and NO goals for their business to sign up for leadPops because they think it’s some kind of “easy button” or “if you build it, they will come” solution—and then be disappointed later.

When you sign up to test drive leadPops today, my team and I will carefully review your account over the next 30 days…

And if we determine that leadPops isn’t a good investment for your business right now—

I’ll let you know that straight up so you can invest your money in a way that makes sense for your business.

There’s literally NO risk for you here.

If you use leadPops for 12 months you WILL get more leads (and close more loans)—guaranteed.

WARNING: This Risk-Free 30-Day
Trial Offer Could Vanish Overnight

I have to confess that I’m a little nervous about this whole deal.

For starters, a high-priced marketing expert told me I was nuts for letting you test drive leadPops for free. He said I should be charging a minimum of $997 setup and several hundred per month—and keeping access limited to just a few LOs. Part of me thinks he’s right…

And on top of that I’m honestly concerned that we might be “giving away the farm” with all these bonuses…

Especially my offer to personally hold your hand
and set up partnerships with high-performing realtors… And the unlimited access to your personal
“marketing help hotline.”

But because my vision for leadPops is to get this business-changing technology into the hands of every independent mortgage broker and loan officer in the country…

I’ve decided to stick my neck out and make this offer as a limited-time experiment.

I can promise you this though:

If we get anything like the response I’m expecting, I’ll be forced to yank this free trial offer (and the bonuses too).

So the time to get in on this offer is right NOW.

While you still can.

Here’s what to do next:

Click the START MY FREE 30-DAY TRIAL button below…

Enter your information, keeping in mind that you won’t be charged a single cent until AFTER you’ve had a chance to see leadPops working for you firsthand…

Then tell us how you want to receive your leads…

Within minutes or hours, your leadPops Funnels will be sending you up to 2-4X MORE leads than you’re getting today.

…and my team and I will be there to help ensure your success every step of the way.

“As a 20 year veteran of the mortgage industry, currently focused in the highly competitive consumer direct channel, I have found leadPops to be 2nd to none. In our monthly reviews of costs per contact, overall lead acquisition costs, and net costs per funded transaction, literally no other platform we are currently using or have tested in the past compares to our experience from the leadPops design. The costs are VERY low, and the results are beyond our expectations.”
Brian Mitchell Regional Manager, Supreme Lending
Brian Mitchell

Regional Manager, Supreme Lending

“I’m so thankful that I found leadPops! Their unique lead capture forms have increased my conversion rate by 10% since I started using them. I’m now capturing over 20% month over month! Their custom back-end is easy to navigate and allows me to make my changes on the fly. Not only am I happy with the lead forms, but also their customer service has been first-rate.”
David Fingerhut Owner, eLoan Rates
David Fingerhut

Owner, eLoan Rates

“Replacing our traditional landing pages with leadPops has had an immediate impact on our lead conversion rates. Over time we have experienced a 25% to 35% increase in conversions which makes the ROI on the product outstanding. The leadPops team are incredibly responsive to any requests and updates to our page, and they are always open to new ideas to enhance the product. We consider leadPops as a valuable partner in the growth of our business.”
David Hay VP Marketing, eRates Mortgage
David Hay

VP Marketing, eRates Mortgage

8 Common Questions
  • How long until I see results?

    It depends on a number of factors. If you’re already doing marketing, you could easily start seeing results the day you go live — new leadPops clients experience this all the time.

    If you’re not doing any marketing, or just getting started, it may take a few weeks, or even a few months. That’s why we offer the 1-year ROI guarantee. The fact is, 99% of our clients close more loans as a result of working with leadPops, and they usually start seeing results within the first 90 days.

    In some cases, it’s just a couple more loans per year. In others, it’s dozens, and for some clients, even hundreds more loans, depending on your marketing and advertising budget.

    A leadPops marketing coach will be able to get a better idea of how soon YOU will see results based on your current amount of web traffic, marketing, and referral generation efforts, and we’ll set the right expectations with you during your free 30 day trial evaluation period. At just $87/month, showing you a positive ROI is piece of cake, hence the guarantee.

  • 2-4X more leads? I find that hard to believe.

    You’re smart to be be skeptical. Here’s what I can tell you: In 2012 leadPops landed a deal to work with 30 of the top mortgage advertisers on Zillow. And every one of those 30 companies got more leads using leadPops Funnels than they were generating with their old landing pages.

    In some cases their leads “only” doubled. Many saw their leads jump by 3X or better.

    Over the last 4 years, my team and I have rolled out leadPops Funnels for hundreds of mortgage companies all over the country—and generated more than 500,000 leads. This technology is tested and proven. It works—every single time.

    I’m so confident that leadPops Funnels will work for you that I offer a 1-year “ROI money back guarantee.” If you use leadPops for 12 months and DON’T generate enough leads to cover the cost of your membership, I’ll return every penny. Where else in marketing is anyone willing to guarantee results like that?

  • Do I need to have a website to use leadPops Funnels?

    The short answer is: No. While leadPops Funnels are ideal for use with an existing website, you can also use your Funnels as standalone tools to generate more leads from online marketing like email blasts and social media, and offline marketing like postcards, print ads, and even referrals.

    For each Funnel, you’ll get a unique URL that you can include in your advertising, or you can point your own domain(s) directly to your Funnels. You can also link directly to your Funnels from your profile in online directory pages and social media accounts to turn anonymous visitors into hot leads you can follow up with.

  • Will anyone else have access to my leads?

    Let me be crystal clear about this: We will NEVER share your leads with anyone. They are YOUR leads that YOU are creating with YOUR marketing.

    The leads you generate are locked away on our secure, encryption-protected servers where you alone can get to them. Because of this, you’ll never need to worry about another broker or LO beating you to the punch.

  • How is this different from the quote form on my website?

    The difference is usually night and day. Unlike most mortgage website and technology companies, we’ve spent the last 5+ years testing and refining everything from the questions and messaging, to the colors of the buttons, animations, and visual cues that keep borrowers moving forward through to completion of our Funnels.

    We’ve partnered with companies like Zillow and Bankrate, allowing us to leverage clients that spend millions of dollars on marketing to test out our strategies and technology on an ongoing basis.

    We’re constantly improving our tools and working to increase conversions for our mortgage clients. Same traffic and marketing budget, 2-4X more leads are the results our mortgage advertisers are seeing regularly by implementing leadPops Funnels in their business.

  • How do I drive traffic to my funnels?

    There are countless traffic sources that we can turn on and off like a spigot to get you more exposure, but remember: it starts with setting up the right foundation first — one that’s designed to convert qualified leads. You can’t do business with clicks.

    Once your Funnels are live and your foundation is set, we’ll partner with you to drive traffic to your Funnels in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

    Your website (the main “hub” of all your marketing — if you have a website and it’s not optimized to convert leads properly, the ROI on all of your other marketing efforts will suffer as a result), landing pages, and niche microsites should all be optimized to drive traffic to your Funnels.

    Also, direct traffic sources, like: email blasts, e-newsletters, rate tables, search engine marketing, display ads, videos, webinars, social media, re-targeting, blogging, Realtor & builder co-marketing, directory websites, and more.

    We’ll also help you drive traffic from offline campaigns, like: mailers, postcards, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, events, etc.

    The best part is, my team is here to partner with you, offering unlimited 1:1 coaching to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your leadPops Funnels. We won’t leave you hanging with great lead capture tools and no traffic, just keep in mind: traffic is usually not the problem.

  • I’m just getting started with marketing my mortgage business. Can leadPops Funnels help?

    If you are just getting started and don’t currently get at least a few leads a month from your marketing, you might not be ready for leadPops just yet.

    However, if you are:

    – Investing a couple hundred dollars a month on marketing, whether it’s direct mail, pay-per-click ads, Bankrate sponsored listings, print ads, radio spots, or something else… OR

    – Getting a small but steady stream of visitors to your website… OR

    – Generating several leads per month from past clients, networking events, or real estate agent partnerships…

    Then leadPops WILL work for you.

    Adding leadPops Funnels accelerates and amplifies your existing marketing.

    You’ll bring in more leads from your paid ads, making your ads more profitable.

    And you’ll land more of those hot “fund me now” referrals from your network.

  • I’ve tried other marketing “systems” before that were a complete waste of time and money. What makes leadPops any different?

    No technique, approach or system is right for every business.

    leadPops Funnels solves a very specific problem—we help mortgage brokers and LOs who are hustling to generate business but not getting the leads they want from their marketing.

    If that’s you, leadPops can help.

    And I’ve done everything I can to take away all the risk:

    1. You can test drive leadPops FREE for 30 days with no obligation. If you’re not thrilled you can cancel without paying a single penny.

    2. Setup is fast and painless—you’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes, so your time investment is minimal.

    3. My team works with each and every new leadPops customer to make sure you’re a good fit for leadPops. If leadPops isn’t right for your business, we’ll shoot straight with you. We take this seriously because…

    4. You have up to 1 full year to evaluate leadPops Funnels and make sure your investment is paying off. If after 12 months you find that you have NOT at least earned back the cost of your membership, I’ll refund your investment for the year.

    That’s a bold guarantee, but I sleep soundly at night because most leadPops Funnels customers earn a return of 3,300% or greater on their membership.

    Remember, when you claim your free 30-day trial membership, you also get access to the full $88,936 worth of marketing tools, training and support available to our full-price members.

    This offer will NOT be around for long, though.

If you’re serious about getting more leads
and growing your business, this deal is too good to miss.

leadPops Funnels WILL revolutionize your marketing.

Imagine what it would mean to your business to generate up to 4X more leads from the SAME marketing…

Don’t pass up this ridiculously generous FREE test-drive offer…

You may never get an opportunity like this again.

Try leadPops TODAY, while you’re still thinking about it…

Your chance is NOW.

Click the button below to get started!

I’ll see you on the inside!

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