Want to learn a thing or two about mortgage marketing?

Listen to one of our power users, Scott Schang.


“leadpops helped me multiply my conversion rates. Double is the smallest increase I have. I have some that have quadrupled.”

Scott Schang, Founder of FindMyWayHome.com


Scott is someone who understands the power of creating organic content to drive traffic to his website.

From blog posts to in-depth first-time homebuyer guides, Scott has been making sense of complicated real estate and mortgage topics on his website since 2007.

Scott was looking for a way to convert more of his readers into paying customers.

That’s when Scott found leadPops.

Now, leadsPop is the primary conversion tool in Scott’s huge online business.

Potential homebuyers and people looking to refinance get drawn to Scott’s site for his original, valuable content. If they want to work with Scott, they can easily enter their information into one of his Lead Funnels.

This is how Scott gets clients.

Andrew Pawlak, Co-founder and CEO of leadpops sat down to ask Scott about his winning formula.

Like many leadpops users, Scott has tweaked the out-of-the-box solution we provide and customized it for his specific needs.

Scott has a team who runs his own Facebook ads with great results.

If you’re like most LOs out there, you might not have the time, budget, or interest to invest in running your own Facebook advertisements like Scott does.

Luckily, you can take advantage of our Full-Service Do-it-for-Me (DIFM) Facebook Ads provided by leadPops.

You’ll have an extension of your team that’ll provide the same service that Scott runs except you won’t have to upgrade to a bigger office space.

Working with our digital marketing team, Scott generated 350 leads from Facebook Home Purchase ads within a short period. Over 40% of these leads had credit scores over 700!

He weeded out the tire-kickers and got in direct contact with future clients.

If you’re a mortgage broker, loan officer, real estate agent, or insurance agent who is sick and tired of spending money on marketing with no returns, you’re in the right place.

Stop writing great content only to have your website visitors sign a loan with another LO, or get swallowed up by Zillow or Lending Tree.

It might take some time, but you can be like Scott Schang.

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