Larry Alexander

Since implementing these changes on our website, we’ve received 106 leads. Out of those leads, we’ve contacted 87 of them and closed 23, resulting in over $85,000 in commission checks.

Blake Harrison

Since we’ve been using leadPops landing pages, we’ve seen a marked increase in conversion rates, which has led to a dramatic upsurge in loan applications on our end. The entire leadPops team has been incredibly available to us to address any questions we have. They’ve been consistently updating and improving their pages, and they’ve been more than happy to incorporate any particular requests we’ve had into our pages. Overall, using leadPops landing pages has been one of the best decisions our rate table group has made.

Andrew Harkins

“I was totally in awe when these leads started coming in.”

I gotta be honest: I was totally in awe when these leads started coming in. I think I’ve procured about 85 leads or something like that at this point. I’m just blown away by how much you …

Aaron Leal

“I love the new website! I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback.”

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from my real estate partners and clients. They’re loving it. I love that everything is just efficient and organized as far as the “mouse traps” and the lead capture.

Bill Burnett

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do…”

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do to help me grow my business. Your knowledge and expertise has helped me to engage with Realtors and establish new and better relation…

Blake Lytle

Working with Charles has been a great experience! I am brand new to lead gen and the mortgage industry and already generated a good chunk of leads thanks to this system. The best part is that anytime I have a question…

Amanda Silber

“I’m just super excited to be able to give leads to my agents!”

I’m just super excited to be able to give leads to my agents, and I feel like the leads are actually really solid. I have gotten 15 in the last two weeks and I’ve probably made a connecti…

Al Markussen

“Passion, leads, and results are three words to describe leadPops.”

I highly recommend them to anybody in Mortgage, Real Estate and Insurance sales that needs more leads. Our new Mortgage website, and sales funnels work great to deliver real time exclusive  leads.