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​Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Highly Qualified "Ready-to-Close" Mortgage Leads ...

Facebook Mortgage Ads

Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns Can Almost Guarantee You'll Never Be Without New Business Waiting to Be Written ...

And with lead costs that are a fraction of other sources – yet delivered to you with all the details you need ready to start writing mortgage deals...

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​While there are many sources of leads for your mortgage business – if you're not ALSO utilizing Facebook ad campaigns to drive new mortgage leads to your business – then you're missing out on a major source of new revenues.

​Across the country, leadPops have generated new mortgage leads ranging from $4 per lead in less contested markets – on up to around $20 per lead in the most overheated markets in the country.

One thing they all share in common – these are potential clients looking to buy properties, and looking for financing. And thanks to leadPops' Funnels technology – they all come to you complete will full information ...

... so you can start helping them with their mortgage needs immediately.

And the best part about Facebook ads – you can generate just a few leads per month, or dozens or hundreds of leads. It's a massively scalable advertising channel.

Facebook Mortgage Ads

​Written Testimonials

Mortgage Marketing Up Quotes

​With Facebook, for $326.73 spent, they generated
40 leads - which is right around $8 per lead.

​Team has found great value working with LeadPops!

​We have received leads from the Facebook ads they created for us, as well as captured more of the leads that our Realtors and builders have referred to us.

​With Facebook, for $326.73 spent, they generated 40 leads - which is right around $8 per lead. We learned through utilizing LeadPops that we had leads that were going to our website before they called us.

​The amazing funnels that Andrew and his team have implemented have been a game-changer for us. Our website is sharp and clean and useful.  Plus our leads are up, as we are engaging more people from the moment they get on our website.

Kelly Rogers, Market Leader at Movement Mortgage

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<h2 class=”thrv-tm-name”>Kelly Rogers – Market Leader</h2>
<div class=”thrv-tm-company”>Movement Mortgage</div>
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Mortgage Marketing Up Quotes

​ and Zillow – between $60 to $70 per lead ... leadPops $6 to $7 per lead...

​Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited.

​The mortgage industry the last two years has really changed with the dynamic of co-marketing, and Zillow, and, and all those platforms.

​I can tell you that my average spend on, and Zillow for leads is somewhere between $60 to $70 per lead. We look at it every single month. I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve seen on leadPops. The cost per lead, from the pilot we ran, we got about 65 leads, and for what they spent in advertising (on Facebook) the cost per lead was somewhere around$6 to $7 per lead.

​So, I am excited to go in and start to offer this as a co marketing for our agents to be able to help not only advertise their properties, but generate leads off of them.

Andrew Harkins, Branch Manager at Movement Mortgage

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<h2 class=”thrv-tm-name”>Andrew Hawkins</h2>
<div class=”thrv-tm-company”>Movement Mortgage</div>
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Mortgage Marketing Up Quotes

​53 home buyer leads at less than $10 per lead - Andrew’s book, The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto, should be required reading for anyone interested in being a self-gen LO...

​In the short time I have been working with LeadPops, I have been exceptionally impressed with Andrew and his team.  They are exceptionally helpful, very responsive, and they put forth a great product. I have run two ads using not only their funnels, but also some tweaks to my ad copy that they suggested.

​From those two Facebook ads, I have generated 53 home buyer leads at a cost of less than $10/lead. 

​Andrew’s book, The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto, should be required reading for anyone interested in being a self-gen LO. Thank you LeadPops...

Clark Sexton, Branch Manager at Ruoff Home Mortgage

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<h2 class=”thrv-tm-name”>Clark Sexton</h2>
<div class=”thrv-tm-company”>VP, Branch Manager</div>
<div class=”thrv-tm-site”>Ruoff Home Mortgage</div>

New Mortgage Leads on Demand

Thanks to the leadPops proven Facebook lead generation system, we can generate new mortgage leads for you on demand !

​Proven ad types and offers

​You'll get access to our proven ad types and offers that have been tested to generate highly qualified mortgage leads, at the lowest cost. We use both mortgage and real estate ads and offers, and both work great for mortgage leads.

But not all offers work in all markets – and market conditions constantly change.

​Which is why we're always testing...

​Testing sequence & strategy

​We have decades of experience in direct marketing – and have run campaigns doing millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of dollars.

​From that experience comes a disciplined, results driven, efficient testing strategy, which is performed in a very definite sequence for the strongest results.

​Meaning – the most leads at the lowest cost – but only the most highly qualified mortgage leads ready to close on new business.

​leadPops Funnels / landing pages

​All of our leads generated on Facebook are pushed through leadPops Funnels and landing pages.

​leadPops funnels are quiz-style mortgage lead forms, which have consistently delivered 2x to 4x as many mortgage leads – without you having to spend one extra cent on advertising.

​They engage prospects in a fun and easy process – which is highly addictive – and have been proven to compel new mortgage leads to complete and submit all their details to you.

​XVerify to weed out fake leads

​We connect XVerify to all Facebook lead campaigns. XVerify is a real-time email and phone verification service, which filters out fake leads. Your leads will only be REAL prospects using a REAL phone number and email address.

​Automation setup – CRM & follow-up systems integration

​The leadPops tech team will connect your Facebook lead generation campaign to your CRM system, and whatever other follow-up systems you may be using. Automation and instant follow-up, greatly increase the odds that leads convert to prospects, and prospects to paying clients.

​Tracking – reporting – continual optimization

​We track multiple variables and key KPIs on your campaigns, and continually optimize to ensure you're receiving the most leads, and the lowest cost.

Here are some of the results...

​Here's a quick view of some of the results we've generated for LOs across the country:

Bethel Park Cost Per Lead
San Diego Cost Per Lead
York Cost Per Lead
The Woodlands Cost Per Lead

Ready to roll? Here's what you
can expect...

leadpops Personal Consultation

​Personal Consultation

​We’ll sit down with you and discuss your business, your advertising budget, and how many new mortgage leads you'd like to generate each month.


​We'll research and review the data on your market, and on the types of mortgage business you'd most like to attract. With this data, we'll ensure we're targeting the right audience, and putting the right message in front of them.

Campaign Creation

​Campaign Creation

​We'll create your campaign, setup leadPops funnels and landing pages, install XVerify, and setup integrations with your automation systems. We'll also create multiple ads covering different offers and test what works best in your market – for the type of prospective mortgage client you're wanting to do business with.

Tracking Reporting Optimization

Tracking – Reporting - Optimization

We'll setup all the necessary technology to track your campaigns – which will allow us to continually optimize and improve the results you are achieving. And you'll receive detailed monthly reporting on the ad spend, leads generated, cost per lead and so on.

You can also log in at any time to see your results yourself.

​Start the Flow of New Client Leads
as Early as Next Week

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

​Pays For Itself...

The Facebook lead generation service must pay for itself, that's obvious.

But we're going to show you precisely how this is so, and provide you with a True Lead Cost and ROI of FB Ads Calculator ... so you can play around with the numbers and see this for yourself. First, the immediate out-of-pocket expenses ...

The "Done-For-You" Facebook Lead Generation service fee is $1,000 per month. We also recommend you start with an ad budget of $500. This is how much you'll pay directly to Facebook for the ads.

Next, the "Follow-Up System" fee. Unless you have a proven and converting follow-up system in place, then we insist you use the fully automated – blended email / voicemail [or direct-to-voicemail] / text message system we've put in place.

Lack of follow-up is the number one reason lead generation programs don't work. You're ads can be running 24/7 – and when a prospective lead respond – you MUST RESPOND within 5 – 10 minutes at the most – to secure a conversation with that prospect.

If you don't, you've just wasted your money generating the lead, because they are now – ALREADY – working with somebody else.

Is it REALLY POSSIBLE to answer every lead the moment it comes in?

The answer is NO ... not without an automated, multi-touch-point follow-up system.

So we have negotiated to get you access to the best in the industry, for a discounted price you will not get direct. Your fee for this service - $200 a month.

​So your out-of-pocket expenses are:

Out of Pocket Expenses

But the real question is – can you PROFITABLY generate leads on Facebook, in your market?

To answer this question, we've created the True Lead Cost and ROI of FB Ads Calculator, shown below.

There are 3 additional pieces of information you'll need, to make the calculations:

  • 1
    ​The Facebook lead cost, for your market
  • 2
    ​How many leads are required to close one deal
  • 3
    ​The average commission you make per deal

​The Facebook lead cost varies by market, and also with the changing conditions in your market. For less contested markets, we've generated leads for under $4 each. For some of the hottest markets in the country, for around $22 each.

Our average across the country is around $7 to $8.

So pick a lead cost, and plug it into the calculator. You can try different numbers to see how it affects the results.

Next, how many leads do YOU require to close one deal? Plug that number in. Finally, what is the average commission you make on a deal? Put that number in.

The calculator is taking into account all the variables – the price of properties in your area, the commissions you stand to make, how many leads you need to close a deal, the average price of Facebook leads in your market.

If the numbers don't stack up – if you're not showing a very strong ROI – then don't move ahead. Or feel free to discuss with us whether the numbers make sense.

Keep in mind, if your lead generation program is profitable when spending $500 a month with Facebook to generate leads – then it will be even more profitable when you raise that ad budget and decide to bring in even more new leads.

But $500, along with the marketing and follow-up service fees, is a great place to start and prove this system will help you generate a lot more business, in a very profitable way.

​True Lead Cost + ROI of FB Ads Calculator


​Start the Flow of New Client Leads
as Early as Next Week

Copyright ©2019 leadPops, Inc.

Copyright ©2019 leadPops, Inc.