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Your reputation is everything. What’s crazy is that these days, your online reputation can be even more important than your offline reputation.

The reason is whereas an unhappy client could traditionally only reach maybe a handful of people previously, in today’s social media and online review world, they can reach hundreds, even thousands at a time... and their comments and opinions can last indefinitely.

I shared some statistics about consumer behavior a couple times in this Manifesto, including the percentage of people who go online to research a company before doing business—a whopping 97% of those surveyed, and also, the number of people that trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations—88% of those surveyed...

In business, it has always been imperative to offer great service—be honest, prompt, courteous, follow up, and to always go the extra mile for clients and business partners.

Your online reputation can magnify these qualities, for better or for worse.

That's why, now more than ever, it's absolutely crucial that if you mess something up, you own up to it, and do everything in your power to make it right.

A good strategy to implement is to have a feedback/survey mechanism for clients during and after the sales process so that you can be proactive and put out fires before they become explosions.

You can also address issues with clients directly—often building a stronger relationship with them—before they decide to go online and write something that can have a negative (and lasting) effect on your business.

The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto includes a bunch of awesome tools I recommend, many of which my team and I use daily. There you'll find some online reputation management (ORM) tools that can help you collect reviews, monitor online chatter, and get real-time feedback from clients and partners you're working with.

Think of the first page of Google as incredibly valuable real estate.

When someone Googles your name and/or business, it's critical that you "own" as many of the top listings as possible, and that those top listings are positive, current, and accurate in terms of the information one might find upon clicking into them.

Below are some free and powerful websites you can create profiles on to help you better control what comes up when people search for you online.

Some of them are obvious; others, not so much. The key is that they're all trusted websites and domains with strong authority, and rank well in Google.

As you setup profiles on various websites, remember to keep a consistent NAP (name, email, phone number) or you'll hurt your SEO efforts.  

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