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Welcome to leadPops! Use the checklist below to stay on track for success with your website launch, and ongoing digital marketing + lead generation efforts.

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Movement LO Success Checklist (segmented)

1. Goals Within Your First 1-3 Days of Signup: ⇒ Click Here  (These items are Top Priority)

2. Goals Within Your First 5-10 Days of Signup: ⇒ Click Here​

3. Goals Within Your First 10-21 Days of Signup: ⇒ Click Here

4. Goals Within Your First 21-30 Days of Signup: ⇒ Click Here

5. Goals Within Your First 30-60 Days of Signup: ⇒ Click Here

6. Ongoing Opportunities -- Your First 60 Days & Beyond: ⇒​ Click Here

7. Additional leadPops Resources: ⇒​ Click Here

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See the Full Checklist in 1 PDF: ⇒ Click Here