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If you’re competitive with rates and want to generate your own exclusive mortgage leads, some great traffic sources are online mortgage rates tables.

Plugging your landing page into a rate table is like turning on a traffic machine where the hard work of figuring out how to get the right traffic at a reasonable cost per click (CPC) has already been figured out for you.

The clicks can be expensive, but the traffic is solid, so leads usually come in at a profitable cost per funded loan.

I’ve worked with a lot of mortgage professionals over the years who are quite successful using rate tables as a way to generate their own exclusive mortgage leads.

I'm not a fan of the lead-slinging tactics used by many of these companies, however, their rate tables have proven to be a viable source of business for a lot of loan officers and mortgage brokers, so I will share them with you for that reason. 

Here are the top rate tables in the mortgage industry:

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As a 20 year veteran of the mortgage industry, currently focused in the highly competitive consumer direct channel, I have found leadPops to be 2nd to none. In our monthly reviews of costs per contact, overall lead acquisition costs, and net costs per funded transaction, literally no other platform we are currently using or have tested in the past compares to our experience from the leadPops design. The costs are VERY low, and the results are beyond our expectations.

Brian MitchellRegional Manager,
Supreme Lending

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