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Many mortgage professionals I’ve worked with over the years have absolutely crushed it with radio ads.

When advertising on the radio, it’s crucial to emphasize a good web address with a strong call-to-action, and not just promote a phone number.

Of course you’d prefer phone calls, but it’s not about what you want. It’s about what potential borrowers are most likely to respond to.

A good web address is a lot easier to remember than a phone number, and as mentioned in some of the earlier chapters, consumers these days want to go online and do their research before calling up a sales organization—especially for something like a mortgage.

To get the best possible results, use a good domain name and drive consumers to a dedicated landing page that reflects the offer and messaging of the radio ad.

You can also drive people directly to your website homepage—if you do, just make sure that your homepage is optimized to convert leads, and that you’ve got a clear reference to the radio station on there.

Use something like “As heard on…”, along with the radio station’s logo, combined with consistent messaging (ad-scent), which applies to all forms of marketing, including radio.

It’s important to be selective with your demographics. Just because a radio station has a large listenership doesn’t mean that it is going to get you in front of your ideal target audience.

For example: AM political talk radio will usually get you in front of a smaller audience, but at the same time, a much higher likelihood that a larger percentage of the people listening to AM talk radio are qualified for a mortgage or refinance than people listening to a pop station (in most cases).

Here are some websites to help you get going (no affiliation to leadPops):

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