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The claims expressed above are made by leadPops and do not necessarily represent those of Fairway.

As a Fairway Loan Officer -- you receive deeply discounted rates on technology customized for Fairway LOs. 

leadPops "capture and convert" technology includes:

  • Unlimited leadPops Funnels
  • leadPops Sticky Bar Technology
  • Private leadPops/Fairway Facebook Group 
  • Deep Discounts on Done-For-You Facebook & Google Ads
  • Marketing Coaching & Support

EXAMPLE Fairway Funnel – powered by leadPops...

In the words of a Fairway Branch Manager...

Greg TannerBranch Manager NMLS 1046498

I can personally say that I have not only generated 100s of leads from using leadPops, but I have closed countless loans from those leads. If you are looking for a way to increase your mortgage business, this is it!

leadPops Funnels Work!

What an early, less sophisticated version did for Zillow...

Your Solution to the Lead Problem

leadPops Will Flood Your Business with Highly

Qualified, "Ready-to-Fund" Mortgage Leads...

Why are leadPops Funnels so effective?

Key #1 A FUN & EASY Process

Key #1 to the solution – make the process FUN and EASY ...

The leadPops process is highly addictive for clients, non-threatening, and results in 2x to 4x more leads submitting their FULL information...

Our quiz-style mortgage lead forms compel potential clients to take action.

It's “gamified”, has been precision tuned to pull visitors in, and get them to happily share their personal contact details with you.

Key #2 32 Different Ways to Generate Leads...

Key #2 to the solution – 32 different ways to generate leads...

leadPops covers 20 different types of loans, plus 12 common real estate scenarios – such as home search, home finder, home values, and more.

Having these leads can easily put YOU in control of partnerships with Realtors.

Generate Exclusive & High Quality Leads

These two keys let you generate exclusive & high quality leads.

All leads coming from the leadPops Funnels technology, are exclusive to you ONLY!

They are highly qualified – and come complete with all the details you need to start helping them with their loan needs.

Key #3 It's All About LINKS & LEAD FORMS

And finally, Key #3 is to use the technology in a ubiquitous fashion.

Meaning, put leadPops funnels everywhere, and all links lead to a leadPops funnels.

It's all about LINKS and LEAD FORMS ...

This is what Zillow, LendingTree, Bankrate and others do ...

With your Fairway/leadPops account, you'll receive unlimited Funnels that you can setup for marketing, open houses, Realtor partners, and more. 

leadPops Sticky Bar

Another proven strategy to drive up leads is to place the leadPops Sticky Bar on every page of your website. It screams to be noticed... and allows you to promote your number one offer to website visitors...

..the leadPops Sticky Bar will follow your visitors on every page of your website and always be visible. It's a proven lead generator. 

But here's the even more AMAZING feature about the Sticky Bar... with a few clicks in your leadPops admin panel and one small snippit of code – you can have the Sticky Bar show on your partner websites.

Meaning – any Realtors, builders, insurance agents – or anybody else you partner with – you can have YOUR Sticky Bar show on THEIR website.

CRM Integration

Every leadPops/Fairway LO Funnels account will have a CRM integration built right into it. 

Your lead follow-up and marketing automation just got a whole lot easier. 

Done-For-You Facebook & Google Ads

You'll be eligible for deep discounts on lead generation campaign packages - which have generated a flood of new leads for Fairway LOs. 

These done-for-you lead generation campaigns are done by region, and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Private leadPops/Fairway Facebook Group

Finally, your leadPops/Fairway account comes with exclusive access to a private Facebook group... where you'll learn the latest lead generation and conversion strategies...

...and get answers from the experts on any issue you may be having with your marketing efforts. 

Don't delay - sign up today - and start generating 2x to 4x as many mortgage leads - all exclusive and highly qualified... 

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