Clear Your Browser of Marketing Retargeting Cookies

Sick of Getting Retargeted by Mortgage Companies & Others?

Clear Your Browser
& Cookies

If you’ve been on one of the mega mortgage websites lately, you’re probably getting retargeted, so you may be seeing their ads all over the place, but that’s not necessarily what everyone else is seeing... Just something to consider.

If you want to clear your browser of all the companies that are retargeting you, Google has a simple guide to clearing cookies in their support for Chrome and other browsers:

Warning, this will also clear your passwords and other stuff, so tread lightly if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

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Replacing our traditional landing pages with leadPops has had an immediate impact on our lead conversion rates. Over time we have experienced a 25% to 35% increase in conversions which makes the ROI on the product outstanding.

David FingerhutOwner,
eLoan Rates

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