leadPops Introduces a New Retargeting Service: Originator Everywhere™

San Diego, CA – leadPops is proud to announce the release of Originator Everywhere™.

Originator Everywhere™ is a retargeting service that incorporates animated, interactive and branded digital banners and display ads that follow your best prospects and referral partners around on the most popular websites they visit. 

We’ve all heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind.” Originator Everywhere™ allows you to follow potential leads after they have visited your website. Your banners will appear on some of the most popular sites on the web, including: YouTube,, and THOUSANDS of other highly-trafficked sites – keeping you “top of mind.”

Your display banner set will include 6 banners that are optimized for both mobile and desktop and that, when interacted with, redirect to your lead capture funnel. There are a variety of custom banner options – including home purchase, home refinance, renovation loans, rent vs. buy, and today’s rates. 

Now isn’t the time to go dark online. Consumers are spending more time than ever searching the web, and Originator Everywhere™ gives you the opportunity to increase your name/brand recognition and emerge as THE local expert. In addition to capturing more leads, this powerful tool increases your brand awareness and your perceived credibility by placing your ads on many of the most popular websites.

A well-executed retargeting campaign will keep you in front of your audience, and help you get a higher ROI on all the marketing you’re ALREADY doing. Learn how you can incorporate Originator Everywhere™ today, click here.


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